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We at iSynerGIS use of the latest software technology from ESRI and Autodesk to accomplish our customer requirement in the GIS data conversion services:

Map Based:

• Scanning of analog maps without losing its originality

• Geo positioning of the maps
• Geo linking of attribute data
• Edge-matching
• Topology building
• Datum conversions, transformations, and projections

Data Based:

• Data layering
• Data editing
• Data manipulation
• Data structuring
• Attaching data attributes to graphics


Digital Based:

• Generation of high quality digital data with 100% Quality Control and Assurance
• Manual, semi-automated, and automated digitizing
• Data format conversions
• Delivery of output in desired format

Specialized :

  • Land base conversion and maintenance

  • Survey, aerial photogrammetry

  • Cadastral mapping via coordinate geometry and digitizing

  • Database attribution 

  • Facilities conversion and maintenance

  • Convert GIS data with quality control

  • Reconciliation of source maps and interpretation

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